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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 9 months ago

The beta version of Garena Free Fire

Free Fire Advance Server is an Android APK that lets users test features and elements before they’re officially released. Once you get access to this mod, you can try new maps, apply new skins, and explore new characters. However, since the game is in beta mode, users can expect to run into errors and bugs. Reporting these issues to the developers fetches in-game diamonds for later use. 

Users who wish to try the Free Fire Advance Server APK download should note that the application is invitation-based. That means, once you download the app, developers select players and send them an invitation code that activates the beta version. While the beta version of the app doesn’t have much competition, players of Garena Free Fire can check out similar games like PUBG Mobile APK, Mobile Legends Bang Bang APK, and Hopeless Land Fight for Survival APK.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire or GFF is a multiplayer battle royale game that sees players fight with up to 40 other players. Created by 111dots Studio, it is one of the first battle royale games on mobile and has a large fanbase around the world. It features cartoonish characters and doesn’t have a very high difficulty level. This means that even beginners can have a fun time playing the game and cross levels easily.

The game starts by dropping the player on an island via a parachute. Once here, you have to fight off enemies and protect yourself from radiation. To avoid getting killed, you can team up with other players and attain victory. Since the game’s difficulty level isn’t too high, users shouldn’t expect a lot of challenges. Nevertheless, Garena Free Fire is quite popular and won the best popular game award in 2019. 

What is the Advanced Server in Free Fire?

Advanced Server is Garena Free Fire’s beta update that lets interested players try new features before they’re released for everyone. All of the content that you see in Advanced Server gets added to the main game as soon as the updates are sent out. The developers release the new features in advance so that they can identify bugs and issues and resolve them quickly. 

However, the Free Fire Advanced Server APK download is only available on Android devices. Users who get access to the activation code can try new elements and report issues to the developers. Doing this lets them earn free diamonds that they can use on the main server. The APK file of Advanced Server is only 700 MB and doesn’t require you to delete the actual Garena Free Fire game to run. 

What can users expect from Free Fire Advanced Server?

Fans of Garena Free Fire should note that the original game and the one published on Advanced Server aren’t very different. However, since the latter is only meant for testing purposes, users can expect the game to be less robust and with minor glitches and bugs. They should also expect new characters, skins, and maps. The Advanced Server APK gets released every two months and often just one week before the game’s official release date.

The development team relies heavily on the information given out by players to smooth out all issues that they face. Therefore, only a select number of players get a chance to try new features. All else must wait for the official release. Bugs that don’t get reported often only get fixed after the server is closed for further inputs. Once the game is released, the Advanced Server APK gets closed until the next update. 

How do I get Free Fire Advanced Server?

When you complete Free Fire Advanced Server download, you are redirected to Garena’s online platform. Here you need to log into the website using your Facebook account. Once the login is complete, you’ll get access to the download link. After completing the installation, the latest version of the advanced server will ask you for an activation code. 

While anyone can complete Free Fire Advanced Server APK download, only a number of gamers receive the code. As soon as the registration process is complete, developers review all applications and choose select players to test the game during development and testing. There is no other way to get access to the beta version of Garena Free Fire. 

How do gamers use the Advance Server?

If you’re one of the lucky few players who get to start gaming before the latest update of Garena Free Fire is released, you have access to new features, in-game elements, new characters, and additional maps and skins. However, there’s a catch. Once players start playing, they need to report any bugs or glitches that they find. 

While you can easily skip this, reporting issues gets you rewards in the form of in-game diamonds. You can use these diamonds in the original game to buy merchandise or gain lives. Reporting bugs is quite simple. Registered users only need to scroll down Garena’s website and click on the Report Bug icon. Doing this will open up a form which they can fill out with the details of all the issues they face and give feedback. 

Is Free Fire Advanced Server worth downloading?

Garena Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that users can download on their Android device. As one of the first survival games in this category, Garena is quite popular and has a large audience base. To give players around the world a great experience after every update, developers of the game have created Free Fire Advanced Server APK. This file consists of new content, features, characters, and maps and lets users test the game before it’s officially released to the world. Since the game is in beta format, users can expect it to come across various glitches and bugs. 

However, reporting these issues to the developers fetches them with reward points in the form of diamonds. All they need to do is follow a few simple steps and fill out a form. Unfortunately for Garena Free Fire fans, Advanced Server access only works on an invitation basis. The developers send out an invite to players after they complete the registration process. Since a release happens every two months, there’s a good chance you can get access to Advanced Server without much hassle


  • Lets users try new features
  • Option to earn in-game currency
  • Offers new maps and skins


  • Invitation-based activation

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